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The tandem skydive is a pleasurable introduction to all aspects of skydiving, designed to reduce stress and keep anxiety to a minimum. Two hours of instruction on equipment, aircraft, exit, and free fall procedures is all you need to make your first skydive. Your first jump is called a Tandem Free Fall because you will have a harness on that will be attached securely and safely to a Tandem Instructor. 

Your instructor is a licensed professional, and your tandem canopy is a state-of-the-art "square" parachute.  We can also accommodate our system to those who are physically challenged.  Our Tandem Instructors have completed 17+ jumps with physically handicapped people. Must be 18 years or older in order to participate.


First Tandem Free Fall

Air-To-Air Video “or” Still Photography $75.00

Air-To-Air Video “and” Still Photography $90.00



Upon completing 2 to 3 tandem skydive levels, Accelerated Free Fall Training (AFT) is your next step to becoming an experienced skydiver. The AFT program will introduce you to all the basics of skydiving skills. The program consists of six free fall levels, each preceded by instruction. The first free fall level (AFT-1) requires four hours of classroom instruction, whereas the remaining levels require one hour of instruction before the skydive.

AFT graduates will possess all the basics needed to safely self-supervise free falling, flying and packing the parachute.  When the student reaches 25 free falls they will have completed all the qualifications necessary to apply for the basic skydiver "A" license.  Must be 18 years or older in order to participate.


AFT Jumps Vary In Cost
$130.00 to $169.00

Air-To-Air video $75.00

Still Photography $75.00